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Our investments

Here are companies Shay Sapir Investments supported and nurtured from their starting stages. Most of them are now traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and have raised hundreds of millions USD.



  • Biomedix Incubator Ltd. (TASE:BMDX-M)

  • Eden-Energy-M (TASE:EDN-M)

  • Sovereign Assets Ltd. (TASE:SVAS-L)

  • Yuli Capital Markets (TASE:YULI)



New ventures in the portfolio:


  • Sonovia (a private company in Israel; previously called Nano Textile) developed an innovative technology for the production of antibacterial fabrics, which aims to fight infections acquired in hospitals and within the private market. The technology can be used in other areas such as transportation, sportswear, bedding sheets, and underwear.



  • Betalin Therapeutics (a private company in Israel) discovered how to generate an implant "micro-organs" into a patient's body that possesses all the endocrine functionalities of a human pancreas. The transplanted microorganisms are able to produce insulin in response to changes in patient’s blood glucose levels.



  • The China-Israel (Chongqing Liangjiang) Industrial Park, established by Shay Sapir Investments, the MTP (Chongqing) Center and the Chongqing Liangjiang New District Management Committee, aims to serve as a bridge to connect Israeli innovations to the Chinese market.

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